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For Civil & Commercial Mediation please contact;

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Are you:

- looking for a economical solution to your civil dispute
- keen to avoid the cost and stress of going through formal court proceedings

No matter what the nature of your problem, you could benefit from mediating  rather than spending months in the court arena.

 Mediation can help you in the following areas:

Landlord & tenant
Neighbour disputes
Partnership disputes
Consumer disputes
Contract disputes

The mediator works closely with the parties to ascertain their positions, helps them to find common ground and thereafter to achieve an agreement. Mediation may be ordered by the court during court proceeding but can also be used prior to formal litigation, with a view to avoiding issue of proceedings. All negotiations during the mediation process are legally privileged so your position will not be compromised by attending mediation.

All the parties involved in the dispute must agree to mediate and once mediation has commenced, the process remains voluntary, both for the parties and for the mediator, and so can be stopped at any time.

The mediation can take place anywhere which is suitable and agreeable to the parties and to the mediator.

The mediator has no power to force you to accept any proposals. He or she is there to help you negotiate your own settlement in a cost effective, impartial and non-judgemental manner. Most mediations do settle, if not on the actual day then shortly thereafter.

If you would like more information on the process or to arrange a mediation, please feel free to contact Amanda Airey.

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